Friday, August 24, 2012

kitchen! kitchen's lunch after a great Holmdel Park

A 15 acre Holmdel Park
The starting point of my nature walk

Then into the woods where nature boast its' beauty and bounty.

The trail starts to get challenging and my heart rate begins to climb

One of my trusted companions- a bottle of water along with  my ipod
I come to a clearing......hmmmm looks very uphill...
Another mile walk to reach to the other side

Then I saw a friend....Mr. Bench....let's forget about Lady Liberty for now,
A desperate need to rest my tired feet and throbbing knees.

A turkey sandwich on toasted wheat potato bread with thinly sliced apples,
flat leaf parsley, and home made dressing.
Made my 4.12 miles walk worthwhile!

Looks like my feet after the walk! I am doing this again on Sunday!

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