Saturday, February 25, 2012

refreshing mango kitchen! kitchen!

Refresh your palate with this simple Mango Salad
All you need is a bunch of nicely chopped scallions,
1 minced jalopeno, a handful of chopped cilantro,
a juice of 1 or 2 limes, and don't forget to add the zest of the lime,
salt and pepper and some seeded sliced cherry tomatoes for color.
For more details on the recipe. check previous posting on "Salsa or Salad"
dated: Oct. 15, 2010.
 I made this salad for a friend of mine - unfortunately mangoes in winter are not as bright yellow and juicy beautiful as they are when in season. The winter mangoes seemed to be deprived of the sun that makes their color yellow alive and bursting with sweetness. Or maybe these mangoes were stored somewhere to be transported come winter. Who knows!! However, this pale looking mangoes are not as bad with a little bit of help from a secret friend called "honey". Honey to the rescue....added to the salad brings out it's sweet and natural flavour!. Don't let the color keep you from making this refreshing mango salad.

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