Thursday, January 19, 2012

longing for the lazy summer and the sea......for kitchen kitchen!

San Isidro
A slip of an area by the sea that our mother owned.
I wonder if she was captivated by
its beauty and rugged shoreline that made her decide to own it.
Whatever reason she had, I am glad she did.
The calm warm water is very enticing to anyone who has been to this place.
The shoreline is peppered with shells and grounded corals, that you can't help
but collect those beautiful shells carried by the tide and washed ashore.
Boulder size corals  under the sea must have been there for thousand
 of years carried out to the shore when the volcano in Camiguin Island erupted.
On a clear day you could see the silhouette of this imposing Camiguin island.
My nephew Alan Taruc oversees this slip of the family paradise and he
is doing a mighty great job too.
To our mother who had the extraordinary abilty to see beauty 
in what others might consider untamed and rugged,
thank you for your legacy.

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