Friday, December 16, 2011

pan seared salmon simple as that! ... at kitchen! kitchen!

Pan Seared Salmon Steak
Nestled on a bed of greens with lemon-honey-mustard dressing,
and slices of toasted, buttered  multi-grain bread.

Sometimes you just had to make do with what you have at the moment.
I'm kind of good at that - a last minute thing coupled with a desire to
to rest after a day's work keeps my adrenaline going. It seems like
my hands are doing the thinking when this happens. 
or maybe it's just me.

Pan Seared Salmon Steak:
Salmon Steak  ( 5 to 6 oz.)
Season with salt and pepper and brush with a bit of olive oil.
Pan sear in a very hot pan with olive oil - skin down first for about 2-3 minutes on each side - longer if you want the salmon fully cooked. (I prefer my salmon a bit raw in the middle).
Serve with toasted multi-grain buttered slices or boiled baby potatoes and mix greens with honey mustard dressing. (See previous posting for honey mustard dressing).

You will be rewarded with a perfect dinner at the blink of an eye! honestly!

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