Sunday, December 26, 2010

an "after christmas day dinner".... at kitchen! kitchen!

A lively "after christmas day dinner"

Our "After Christmas Day Spread"
A roasted rib-eye, shrimp curry salad, roasted potatoes 
on a bed of carmelized onions with a pomegranate dressing.

Our Christmas eve was spent with our neighbor, Steve and Peggy Barranca and family, of a lovely dinner of seafood pasta, and fruta di mare. A very special Italian tradition of seafood dinner. Thank you for having us! While our christmas day was spent with the Bugges in Brooklyn, a tradition every christmas day since our kids were toddlers. The Bugges prepared a traditional Norwegian dinner of an assortment of cold cuts, herrings, gravlax, swedish meatballs, shrimp salad, red cabbage, boiled potatoes, and of course the roasted pork with a golden crackling skin that is just screaming of yumminess!  So, it was just right for me to make an "after christmas day dinner" at my own home to share with all of you.

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